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It's been a While

Hi guys.

It’s been a while.

I can blame that on a lot of things… The pandemic. A new day job. Moving. Expanding my photography work. Laziness. Anxiety.

Honestly, it was a combination of many things that lead to me unintentionally taking a break from Joceanic, but the brand isn’t really about me. It’s about our oceans and our planet. That’s what’s important.

So, I’m refocusing and putting energy towards Joceanic again. Specifically the community clean-up aspect of the company. Climate change can feel overwhelming and clean-ups are one way I feel like I can directly impact the health of my estuary and coastal adjacent home. Hopefully they’re something you feel like you could do too!

If you made it this far, congrats and thanks for reading! As a way of apologizing for the almost two year-long absence I’m offering 50% off of everything I have on the site until January 6, 2023. Use to promo code WinterBreak to get your 50% off.

Your purchases still result in $1 per each item being donated to an ocean conservation organization, but you’re also helping fund the purchasing of community clean-up supplies, so thanks!

Keep an eye out for a spring clean-up schedule. 👕💙🌊


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