$1 from each item purchased will be donated to ocean conservation and clean-up efforts.

Joceanic was born from a desire to combine art and environmental activism. All of the clothing items we sell were found in local thrift and second hand stores. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary consumption, and instead encourage reducing and reusing. 


Each shirt is hand screen printed. 


The designs on the shirts are inspired by marine animals. Our marine environments are just one of the many ecosystems under threat. In an effort to help conservation, education and environmental clean-ups, $1 from each item purchased will be donated to organizations who work to protect, conserve and advocate for our marine environments.


From October  2018 - March 2019 all donations went to the Surfrider Foundation.


Learn more about them by visiting their website and finding your local chapter:

From April 2019 - October 2019 all donations will go to Project Aware.


Find out more about how they partner with divers across the globe to help our oceans as well as the ray and shark populations:

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