Joceanic's #OptOutside Solo Clean-Up

Updated: 3 days ago

2020 has been a doozy. The holiday season is approaching and many things will be different this years. One thing that is staying the same is our participation in the #OptOutside event begun by REI in 2015.

#OptOutside is a movement to spend time in the outdoors instead of crowded stores on Black Friday. Traditionally we have taken this a bit further by spending out time outdoors picking up trash.

This year we’d like you to join us (figuratively, not physically). Instead of Black Friday shopping on Nov. 27 take part in our solo clean-up event. Do something nice for the planet (and for your wallet).

Here’s some guidelines to help you get started and stay safe while participating:

  1. Pick a place that is local to you to go for a walk or a jog. Unfortunately, you can go almost anywhere and find some trash to pick up.

  2. Bring a trash bag, or bags if you're ambitious, along on your walk and pick up any trash you see.

  3. Wear protective gloves. Depending on what trash you’re picking up, you might need more heavy duty gloves to properly protect yourself.

  4. Be cautious of broken glass and items that might be classified as bio-hazards. If possible, you can place sharp items inside larger solid vessels you’ve already picked up.

  5. Only go where you are allowed. There are lots of guidelines in place right now and safety is the priority. Don’t break any rules or jeopardize your safety and other’s safety for this. Unfortunately, there will still be trash to pick up once this is over, so other areas can be cleaned up at a later date.

  6. Once you return home, dispose of the trash in your own disposal bin. Immediately and properly dispose of your gloves or throw them in the washing machine along with the clothes you have on.

  7. Disinfect any surfaces or items you may have touched while wearing the gloves.

  8. Stay safe, stay healthy and have fun!

Here's some suggestions from REI about how to #RecreateResponsibly this year:

As part of the event we’re giving one lucky winner a Joceanic t-shirt of their choosing!

Here’s how it works:

1. You must be following @Joceanic on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Following on Twitter is optional.

2. Participate in our #OptOutside event on Friday, Nov. 27 (click the FB event above for more info).

3. Post a photo or selfie with the trash you’ve collected before 10 p.m. on Friday.

4. Tag @joceanic and use the hashtag #OptOutside.

5. You’ll be entered into a random drawing to select a winner.

6. The winner will be chosen on Saturday, Nov. 28.

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